Chapter Five - Father

El learns Occult (3) and Meditative Mind (1).

Scene 1: Troubled past

Tea with sage and thyme.
Tea steam is orderly but not rigid.

El shines a light on his inner questions: a question of justice.
There’s the aspect of a situation being right and wrong, but also the aspect of who has the right to correct a situation, who has the judgement to bring justice? Is the police a force of justice?

What is the path of law?

Cliff expresses concerns about the law. He wants to gather the pack to defend nature. Best defense is a good offense. Tells El about the pack and how it’s been shattered since Crow’s parents died. Cliff goes outdoors with El and starts to shift into a bestial aspect of himself.

El determines that the wolf is a female. Wolf says it’s been a long time since Cliff called the pack. Cliff starts howling, wolf joins and shortly El joins too. As they howl at the wind, their cries are carried to the ears of the pack.
El can feel how his voice is a form of his physical body that extends for miles.
He feels the connection to the mad and wise Crow, the logical Bridge, the intuitive Holly and finally to Lily, who is already connected to this calling before it even started.

El starts thinking of Cliff as representing the Dagaz rune of transformation, and as he does this the rune is projected unto Cliff who accepts it.

They go back indoors and finish the tea. El asks wolf if she wants the tea. She wants to smell it first. She lies down in the middle of the living room on a carpet as El pours tea into a bowl and put it next to her. After the tea cools down, she starts drinking it, with some spillage.

El asks for the history of the pack. Cliff tells him that they were awakening the area and that a restricting force (the police) rose to meet the awakening with threats.

Scene 2: Gathering
After a few hours of waiting they all arrive. Crow first, with rugged and flowy clothes. Then Bridge with a pristine and tailored suit. As Bridge enters, tension rises between him and Cliff. El goes to the kitchen to make a sandwich. As he is preparing it, Holly comes and he gives her the sandwich, starts to prepare another for himself. Tension eases. Finally Lily arrives and she is the woman with purple eyes he saw right before meeting Crow.

Cliff initiates the conversation, being pleased everyone came at his invitation. El tries to interrupt him with a welcoming of everyone, but Cliff goes on with his sentence in a slightly louder voice. He claims that they have been passive for too long and that they need to take concrete action, strike at the heart of the problem.

Bridge starts laughing and states that the problem cannot be struck, because it is abstract in nature and not concrete. Silence follows, with Bridge and Cliff staring with a challenge at each other. Crow looks at El and raises an eyebrow.

El expresses his agreement with both opinions, and that striking blindly will accomplish nothing, as well as continuing to be passive. Evil, or darkness, is not to be instantly eliminated, but what they can do is to enforce the good and diminish the bad. Holly is supportive of El’s initiative to speak.

Finally El asks Crow to speak up, since he’s been silent all this time. Crow says that the problem has no universal solution, and that only connecting to the land can they find a specific action to take. This land is tainted by rigidity and coldness. Other lands have no problem with the cold, but this land does. He wants to wait until spring to break the cold, because at that time nature will be breaking rigidity and will support their efforts.

Chapter Four - Mother

Jack of Clubs, Sun Day. Full Moon

El learns Empathy (2) and Dominance (1).

Scene 1: A moonlit night
El feels restless, looking up on the moon through the window of his bedroom.
Goes out with all gear.
Calls up light to guide him.
Light makes wolf track glowing.
El follows glow and weaves a cloak of moonlight around him.
It is essentially primal joy.
The light starts taking off from the ground, El follows it up.
The light forms as one unit in the sky: the full moon.

Scene 2: Lunatic
El starts communing with the full moon, feeling the closeness it has to the earth and himself.
The moon is gentle.
El understands the origin of the moon: it was once part of earth and a giant meteor knocked it off.
The moon is the head and the earth its pregnant belly.
The moon had to separate from earth to watch over it, just like the mind is separate from the body to watch over the body.
The moon is for human minds to connect to the earth.
Humans are like the moon, whereas animals are just of the earth with minds integrated with their bodies and instincts instead of intellects.
El sees the wolf trotting along and sends a cloak of protective light to the wolf.
The wolf hesitates but smells the hand that fed him before and accepts it.
The threads are made of understanding for man.

Scene 3: Beast
They spot a wild sheep on a cliff ledge.
El advises the wolf to let the sheep be.
Wolf shows El Cliff’s cabin by the lake.
El finds Cliff’s rock in his backpack and throws it at the door.
Cliff comes out, though larger and bulkier with a wild and primal aura.
El greets him and gets a snarling response with a challenge to bow down or best Cliff to enter.
El reminds Cliff of his previous invitation and Cliff smiles at him.
As Cliff turns into his more human self, El is guided into the cabin.
The wolf decides to stay outdoors.

Scene 4: Peace
El finds himself in Cliff’s guestroom, which looks much like his own.
He reflects upon the events of the night and how he is now where he started, yet not.
As he looks upon the moon through the window, El enters a meditative state.

Chapter Three - Jail

Ten of Clubs, Venus day. Waxing Gibbous Moon.

Cast: El, Bridge, Holly, Lily.

El learns Leadership (1), Driving (1).

Scene 1: Jail and the Crow
El gets into jail and gets the Crow is there too, because of too much drinking and being too rowdy. This gives them a chance to interact before El goes to sleep. The Black Crow tells El that he can get out whenever he wants. There is a chilly wind blowing through a broken window, making the rooms uncomfortably cold.

Scene 2: Dreaming of Lily
Lily’s gardens are frosty when he arrives and she tells him about his companion who will be Earth. She sits in a small hollow in the garden, next to a purple flame. El connects to the purple flame and discovers that he can manifest the white light he used to drive away the black ooze a few days ago.

Ten of Clubs, Saturn Day. Full Moon

Scene 3: Meeting Bridge
The following morning the Crow is gone and Bridge arrives along with Holly to meet El. Holly is both a psychologist and a doctor, so she can sign some important legal waivers for El, concerning his recent traumatic events with the sheep and the stomach pain.
Bridge discusses strategy with El and tells him he best is to agree to everything the cops accuse him of, but to add that he was distressed and not feeling well. Use the queasy feeling in his stomach as excuse. Say that he fell over because of it and punctured the tire accidentally.

Scene 4: Court of Law
After bickering and going through a long tedious process when El after a while stops experiencing the vividness of the world, the court decides to give him a fine and do community service at a vocational school for youth with traumatic, criminal, abuse and drug background. El spends several weeks processing the harsh events of the past few days, with Lily focusing more on healing him in his dreams rather than continuing to explore his destiny.

Chapter Two - Seeing Holly

Ten of Clubs, Venus day. Waxing Gibbous Moon.

Cast: El Arder Hala, Sheep, Holly, Wolf.

El learns Ambidextrous (2), Allies: Family Connections (1), Resources (1) and Expression (1)

Scene 1: Drive to town
El’s truck takes some effort to start, but goes without problems. Leaving his property, El can see the wolf in the woods looking at him. He notices a mailbox reflecting light back at him in an unexpected manner. After about an hour, El arrives to the outskirts of town.

Landscape the drive to town

Scene 2: Strange Encounters
El can see a dark woman with pink/purple eyes by the side of the road. She dresses in leather pants and leather jacket, looks like a biker. This distracts him and he almost doesn’t notice a drunk native american crossing the road. He manages to stop the car and the man slams his fist on the hood. El rolls down the window and offers him a ride, which the man accepts since he wants to visit Holly as well. He introduces himself as the Black Crow and starts rambling about how his parents were killed when he was a child, his father being European and his mother Native American. They were a controversial couple since his father adopted to the Native culture and was looked down upon by some members of society. The Black Crow then asked why El was seeing Holly and El told him about his wolf problem. Upon hearing this, the Black Crow started telling him an old legend his mother had told him.

“In a long forgotten time, man started to separate herself from the natural world. She became greedy and spread across the earth, threatening the ecological stability of the other animals; her brothers and sisters. Over time, she started to eradicate some of her larger siblings for meat.

The Great Dreamer of each animal gathered for a council to find a way to restore the balance. The Bison could not understand why man would kill so much, for food and for furs to wear. Neither could the Boar. The Tiger thought of herself as superior in strength and cunning and saw man as no threat to herself at all. She did not understand the danger of man gathering and hunting in such large numbers.

As all the great animal dreamers were arguing, the Great Wolf Dreamer was listening. She realized no one but her had the capability to know the human spirit and decided to slip away unnoticed from the gathering.

Travelling for days and nights into territory dangerous and unknown, the Great Wolf Dreamer reached the heart of human civilization at their largest spiritual celebration, the midwinter solstice under the full moon.

As the great wolf dreamer watched she decided the only way to reduce the threat of man was to to teach man. She gathered those wolves whom destiny and fate would have never noticed. To these she charged to befriend mankind, and in doing so the wolves passed on the knowledge of how to live in a group win harmony, the ways of hunting the weak and the sick, and cultivating the herds to be strong and flourishing.

For a time this worked out, for wolf and man each respected and nourished each other. As with the way of all things the bond became unbalanced. In the wolf it became too strong and in man too weak; instead of the teaching balance as it once was it became master and slave. This lead to man treating the wolf as a beast of burden and in man thinking he had conquered the Wild.

In some humans this did not occur; they rejected such thinking and maintained the balanced relationship the great wolf dreamer created. In those humans she granted a blessing or curse, for some could embrace the Wild and direct it and other were consumed by it. This spawned our myths of skin walkers, shape shifters and werewolves."

As El finished listening he started feeling queasy, images of the wolf attack the previous night flashing through his mind. After he recovers, he continues to drive to Holly’s place. Holly’s father is Native American and her mother is from India, giving her a mixed beauty that can enchant most people.

Scene 3: Meeting Holly
As El arrives and meets Holly the queasy feeling returns with a vengeance and he bends over from gut pain. He gathers himself and Holly helps him to gather the sheep into her barn, then El goes outside and rests on a couch there. The pain intensifies. El puts his attention on the pain. He feels it as a knot unwinding in his gut. He feels that he needs to become a warrior and remembers a quote from Sitting Bull.

“For us, warriors are not what you think of as warriors. The warrior is not someone who fights, because no one has the right to take another’s life. The warrior, for us, is one who sacrifices himself for the good of others. His task is to take care of the elderly, the defenseless, those who cannot provide for themselves, and above all, the children, the future of humanity.”

Holly gives him a remedial beverage and he falls asleep peacefully. He wakes up 4-5 hours later to delicious scent of the kitchen. First he drinks the rest of the cold tea and then waters a tree before having a delicious meal with a beautiful woman. In El’s mind, life couldn’t be much better. The Black Crow left to the bar after eating some food from the fridge while El was asleep.

Scene 4: The Attack
After a the meal El decides to walk to the bar where the Black Crow is to ask him about Cliff. He decides to take a short cut through some alleyways to the bar. In the alley El is approached by a raunchy man who threatens him with a knife. El left his crossbow and staff in the truck and prepares himself unarmed for the battle. From a shadow, the wolf appears and attacks the man, sinking its teeth into his throat and pushing him down to the ground.

As the wolf is tearing the raunchy man’s arteries open, El throws a rock at the hind leg of the wolf, startling it and making it run away. He approaches the bleeding man and tries to patch the wound after a quick call to 911. The ambulance arrives and El steps aside as the paramedics try to save the man’s life, but fail. Soon the cops arrive as well.

An Hispanic police officer named Diego approaches El and asks him to come to the station to answer questions regarding the incident. El is defensive and doesn’t like being treated like a suspect rather than the good Samaritan he actually was. After some argumentation, Diego’s colleague Timothy Catcher steps out of the car and acts in a much more forceful manner, ordering El to enter the car and drawing his gun.

As El’s inner anger increases, he stealthily draws his knife and pretends to stumble toward the car, puncturing the car’s tire. The aggressive Tim becomes startled and shoots El in the arm. At this El decides to surrender and follows to the police station without further resistance. For now.

Chapter One - Warrior
Mystery deepened

Ten of Clubs, Jupiter day. Waxing Gibbous Moon.

Cast: El Arder Hala, Lily, Sheep, Wolf, The Black Ooze, Tyr

El learns Brawl (1)

Scene 1: Dreaming of Lily
El drifst off to sleep without falling asleep. He is in between waking and sleeping, on the surface of the ocean of his dreams. He can feel a presence that doesn’t belong to this landscape.
El tries to identify this presence and can discern that it is connected to flowers and has a teaching intention as it draws closer. The flowers invite him to enter their realm and he decides to go there.


El enters a garden with pink marble pillars and low walls. He can see only sky outside of the garden as far as the horizon goes. In this garden sits a woman with pink, flowing hair and milk white skin. She introduces herself as Lily and tells El about a vision she had about him with the rune Tyr. She says that El will become a warrior and find a sword. He will go out into the world and cut through the deepest of darkness.

Chateau villandry the love garden geometric garden of crosses maltese cross languedoc cross basque cross fleur de lis lily symbol

She bids him to return to her realm the coming four nights, when her visions will speak of the companion, the adversary, the trickster and the prisoner. El can hear screaming as she tells you this, but Lily doesn’t seem to hear it. His sheep are screaming his name and as El tells Lily this, she bids him to return to his realm. He goes to the edge of the garden and scales the small wall, looking down on the ocean of his dreamscape hundreds of feet below.

Courtyard garden   statue 1

El dives, and as he is falling he starts screaming which wakes him up from the dream.

Scene 2: Sheep in Danger

As El wakes up he can hear the screaming of his sheep. Still sleepy, he grabs his crossbow and shepherd’s staff before heading out. When he enters the pen of the sheep he can see a ferocious wolf in one corner with two sheep, one dead and one wounded. The rest of the herd is scattering about in a confused manner. The wolf starts growling and shows his teeth as El approaches, making him realize the danger of this wild animal. He responds by shooting a crossbow bolt next to the wolf as a warning shot, making it yelp and jump in a startled manner. The wolf demonstrates it’s physical prowess through a mighty leap, landing a few feet in front of El who nearly looses his nerve at this point. Remembering his duty to protect his sheep, El bellows a mighty shout that scares away the rabid animal.

Scene 3: Tending the Wounded

The wounded sheep needs care immediately if it is to survive, so El uses his veterinary knowledge along with his medical equipment to stabilize the situation. After making sure the wounded sheep is going to survive, he herds the flock into his barn where they will be safe from predators. Pondering what to do with the dead sheep, he decides to bring out to the edge of the woods for the wolf to have it, to make sure no larger predator will be attracted to the carcass. As he is out there, he can notice that the wolf is observing him from the shadows, still cautious after the confrontation. He can sense that there is a darkness in the aura of the wolf, reminding him of the black ooze from his dream. Since he is in the forest, which is the territory of the wolf, he decides to not linger and returns to his homestead to sleep.

Ten of Clubs, Venus day. Waxing Gibbous Moon.

Scene 4: Going to Town

When El awakens in the morning all fear of the wolf has left his heart. Taking the sheep to a safe location is his first priority, so he gets them all into the back of his pickup truck (that has a custom made cage) and lets the wounded sheep inside the car.

Prologue - Cliff
Mystery revealed

Ten of Clubs, Jupiter day. Waxing Gibbous Moon.

Cast: El Arder Hala, The Black Ooze, Cliff, Sheep

Music: The Ghost Song by The Doors, Let me in by The Unseen Guest

El learns Investigation (Tracking) and Occult (2)

Scene 1: A creepy feeling
El is feeling creepiness – interprets this as an approaching storm and desires to move sheep. A lethargic feeling comes upon him and it costs 2 willpower to move the sheep.

(moving to a sheltered position for self and sheep)

El feels a little safer and climbs up on a boulder where he dozes off… his mind is drifting and he enters a meditative state.

Scene 2: A dream of Black Ooze
“A flood comes to take my sheep… I’m surrounded by the black strange water stuff. Climbing higher. After some time the water recedes… can see black things instead of sheep. The sheep rises and walks toward me. I speak a command that normally makes them return home… they don’t respond, the black ooze is controlling them. They come closer… an inner burning starts. I push away the darkness and experience a white out… when I awake the sheep are fine.”

White out fire works exposures awesome

Scene 3: Cliff
El wakes up dirty, like he was in a struggle/thrashing around while asleep… no physical damage. There is a old man near the sheep with long white hair… unnoticed due to his appearance. El climbs back down to his sheep and the old man.

They introduce themselves and the man calls himself Cliff. They do some small talk. Clif has a strong presence. There is a conflict in body and facial age… he looks like 40 in his body, but 60 in his face.

El sits down… tosses a pebble and Cliff catches it… the stone turns out to be black with white spots. “I say snow flak obsidian is rare, here bouts… old man you give me many things these days.” Cliff replies “You’re welcome”. Cliff has quick reflexes, and is real in contrast to the dream about the ooze. The old man asks about nightmares, hedge response as no, not many.

Cliff has a cabin in the woods up in the mountains near the lake. Conversation results in him revealing more about how his cabin. It has been hidden from my travels up in that area. They chat about hiding his house to the point of it not being found, and being paranoid.

Cliff distracts El and throws stone. El catches the rock. The old man tells El how to find the cabin, on the rising on the full moon by the lake. Then the old man says he has something to show El, while giving a preditory grin. The sheep are reacting.

Scene 4: Heading home
El herds the sheep back to the base camp cottage, feeling hunger. Deep down he feels like eating the sheep. Makes a mac and cheese with sheep cheese… contemplating why he would want to eat the sheep.

After eating El is drifting off, but not sleeping yet… more of a dream sequence mind wandering…


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