Chapter Five - Father

El learns Occult (3) and Meditative Mind (1).

Scene 1: Troubled past

Tea with sage and thyme.
Tea steam is orderly but not rigid.

El shines a light on his inner questions: a question of justice.
There’s the aspect of a situation being right and wrong, but also the aspect of who has the right to correct a situation, who has the judgement to bring justice? Is the police a force of justice?

What is the path of law?

Cliff expresses concerns about the law. He wants to gather the pack to defend nature. Best defense is a good offense. Tells El about the pack and how it’s been shattered since Crow’s parents died. Cliff goes outdoors with El and starts to shift into a bestial aspect of himself.

El determines that the wolf is a female. Wolf says it’s been a long time since Cliff called the pack. Cliff starts howling, wolf joins and shortly El joins too. As they howl at the wind, their cries are carried to the ears of the pack.
El can feel how his voice is a form of his physical body that extends for miles.
He feels the connection to the mad and wise Crow, the logical Bridge, the intuitive Holly and finally to Lily, who is already connected to this calling before it even started.

El starts thinking of Cliff as representing the Dagaz rune of transformation, and as he does this the rune is projected unto Cliff who accepts it.

They go back indoors and finish the tea. El asks wolf if she wants the tea. She wants to smell it first. She lies down in the middle of the living room on a carpet as El pours tea into a bowl and put it next to her. After the tea cools down, she starts drinking it, with some spillage.

El asks for the history of the pack. Cliff tells him that they were awakening the area and that a restricting force (the police) rose to meet the awakening with threats.

Scene 2: Gathering
After a few hours of waiting they all arrive. Crow first, with rugged and flowy clothes. Then Bridge with a pristine and tailored suit. As Bridge enters, tension rises between him and Cliff. El goes to the kitchen to make a sandwich. As he is preparing it, Holly comes and he gives her the sandwich, starts to prepare another for himself. Tension eases. Finally Lily arrives and she is the woman with purple eyes he saw right before meeting Crow.

Cliff initiates the conversation, being pleased everyone came at his invitation. El tries to interrupt him with a welcoming of everyone, but Cliff goes on with his sentence in a slightly louder voice. He claims that they have been passive for too long and that they need to take concrete action, strike at the heart of the problem.

Bridge starts laughing and states that the problem cannot be struck, because it is abstract in nature and not concrete. Silence follows, with Bridge and Cliff staring with a challenge at each other. Crow looks at El and raises an eyebrow.

El expresses his agreement with both opinions, and that striking blindly will accomplish nothing, as well as continuing to be passive. Evil, or darkness, is not to be instantly eliminated, but what they can do is to enforce the good and diminish the bad. Holly is supportive of El’s initiative to speak.

Finally El asks Crow to speak up, since he’s been silent all this time. Crow says that the problem has no universal solution, and that only connecting to the land can they find a specific action to take. This land is tainted by rigidity and coldness. Other lands have no problem with the cold, but this land does. He wants to wait until spring to break the cold, because at that time nature will be breaking rigidity and will support their efforts.


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