Chapter Four - Mother

Jack of Clubs, Sun Day. Full Moon

El learns Empathy (2) and Dominance (1).

Scene 1: A moonlit night
El feels restless, looking up on the moon through the window of his bedroom.
Goes out with all gear.
Calls up light to guide him.
Light makes wolf track glowing.
El follows glow and weaves a cloak of moonlight around him.
It is essentially primal joy.
The light starts taking off from the ground, El follows it up.
The light forms as one unit in the sky: the full moon.

Scene 2: Lunatic
El starts communing with the full moon, feeling the closeness it has to the earth and himself.
The moon is gentle.
El understands the origin of the moon: it was once part of earth and a giant meteor knocked it off.
The moon is the head and the earth its pregnant belly.
The moon had to separate from earth to watch over it, just like the mind is separate from the body to watch over the body.
The moon is for human minds to connect to the earth.
Humans are like the moon, whereas animals are just of the earth with minds integrated with their bodies and instincts instead of intellects.
El sees the wolf trotting along and sends a cloak of protective light to the wolf.
The wolf hesitates but smells the hand that fed him before and accepts it.
The threads are made of understanding for man.

Scene 3: Beast
They spot a wild sheep on a cliff ledge.
El advises the wolf to let the sheep be.
Wolf shows El Cliff’s cabin by the lake.
El finds Cliff’s rock in his backpack and throws it at the door.
Cliff comes out, though larger and bulkier with a wild and primal aura.
El greets him and gets a snarling response with a challenge to bow down or best Cliff to enter.
El reminds Cliff of his previous invitation and Cliff smiles at him.
As Cliff turns into his more human self, El is guided into the cabin.
The wolf decides to stay outdoors.

Scene 4: Peace
El finds himself in Cliff’s guestroom, which looks much like his own.
He reflects upon the events of the night and how he is now where he started, yet not.
As he looks upon the moon through the window, El enters a meditative state.


I like the idea that moon was actually part of the earth. Is that scientifically proven?

Chapter Four - Mother

The latest theory is that the moon was part of the earth. However, it’s not proven yet.
Here’s an article from October 2012 describing the theory.#

Chapter Four - Mother
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