El Arder Hala


I am wanting him to start off kinda ignorant of the supernatural. but aware enough that there is possibly something out there.
so was thinking about a mentor. one that he sorta meets once he starts noticing/made aware/becomes aware that the planet is talking to him.
some twists and turns that I would love to leave for you is that his parents left an unknown legacy to him.
I have made him more of a professional than he should be. was thinking on that alt edu path. like he was able to take community college classes during his high school years. mainly cause his parent paid for the classes so no need for all the regs that is needed if your getting aid.
the mentor could be part of the legacy as n the person who will give it to him but requires some prerequisites, skills/knowledge/aptitude. cause other wise the legacy would just kill him or make it easier for things to kill him.

What is it like to awaken knowing that the planet has also awaken?

You are a farmer/herdsman. The setting is a cross between the southern united states of Gerogia, tennesse and colorado. Your family has owned 1000 acres hills , valleys, meadows, crisscrossed with ponds and creeks. That butt right up to national forest land, over the years your family has gained political favor that allows them lease the right to range the herds through the miles of wilderness.
You have spent many years learning how to survive in the wilds. Your parents insisted you also know civilization as well gained a degree in veterinary medicine and a minor in ethnobotany. As much fun it was being in a university city, your heart was in wilderness.

One of your parents hands taught you how to observe the world. One of your favorite child hood games was tracking. Your refined this over the years and Tamess kept increasing the difficulty of tracking and observing. Along the way how to make what you needed from what was around you. Shelter, traps, knives, arrows, bows, etc if you needed something Tamess made sure you knew how to find it and make it.

El never cared much for his families wealth. he was comfortable living more on the fringes of his family politics and they were happy to help him out from timt to time. He never abused their trust when asking for aid. His family enjoyed and respected his ability to provide for himself with farming and ranching

El Arder Hala

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